• Safety in an Ever-Evolving Aerospace System

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    The number of operations in the NAS is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. In addition to the ever-increasing number of commercial operations, there will an increased emphasis on more efficient, greener vehicles, AAM, supersonic aircraft, and an increasing number of space launch vehicles that will need access to the NAS. The ATM system will need to harness new technology and employ new procedures to ensure safety. These operating procedures will rely on greater automation, which in turn will require new verification and validation (V&V) certification methodologies to address the ever-increasing use of complex systems resulting from increasing levels of automation and AI. In addition, vehicles that use alternative propulsive technologies (such as batteries) will also require thoughtful scrutiny since most of these operations and aircraft have not been certified for manned operations as of yet. This panel will explore the challenges to ensuring the safe operations of these emerging vehicles and operations and ideas on how to integrate them with the rest of the vehicles already operating within the NAS.

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