• Offshore Precipitation Capability for Air Traffic Control

    An ATCA 2020 Winning Technical Paper Presentation

    Randall Bass, Federal Aviation Administration
    Steve Kim, Federal Aviation Administration
    Dr. William Bauman, Federal Aviation Administration

    As the National Airspace System (NAS) evolves, expands and transforms, modern cybersecurity requires a new approach and mindset change. Numerous cyber strategies have come forward inclusive of Zero Trust, etc., as traditional cyber approaches continue to fail in attempting to keeping the threat out. Humans are the new perimeters. Attackers are compromising access, guaranteed and understanding the behavior of users interacting with data is the modern attackers’ kryptonite. This session will deliver five strategies to implement today, with the intent to create efficiencies and enhance proactive security effectiveness and remain flexible to anticipate and manage the ever-dynamic threat landscape.

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