• Laying the Groundwork to Enable Future Technology

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    With the realization of the NextGen vision coming to fruition, we shift our focus to emergent vehicle classes and operations and consider the development of ATM-like services in order to support these applications. We’ll invest in game-changing technologies that maintain today’s excellent safety record while opening the skies to the vehicles and operations that once existed only in sci-fi novels. These technologies will take advantage of network-enabled operations, advanced information systems supporting unmanned and autonomous aircraft, and AI-enabled operations that reduce the cost of operations and transform piloting requirements. Development and evaluation of artificial intelligence capabilities and machine learning for command and control and collision avoidance systems will be paramount to enabling these future capabilities. This panel will explore the challenges to enabling ATCA’s Blue Skies Initiative (BSI) and how we can leverage successful NextGen implementations to enable future technology in the national aerospace system.

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