• Evolving NAS Services for Emerging Aircraft Operations

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    We all know the challenges we face in the mission to enable advanced air mobility (AAM) and integrate other new entrants. These types of operations, including eVTOL operations, could be conducted today assuming the number of operations is manageable in magnitude. However, potential service providers are looking at operations in the hundreds (and even thousands) as they come on-line and become more viable. Urban air mobility (UAM) will require much more than airspace access and new methods of communications. In order to enable these “higher tempo” operations, the government and industry need to determine the requirements to address issues related to weather, flight planning, contingency planning, and separation and safety assurance, to mention a few. Additionally, these operations will be flying at lower altitudes than commercial operations and will coexist with general aviation operations, below 400 ft., and in densely populated urban environments. The FAA will not have the resources to control these vehicles operations, but someone (or something) will need to manage them. In all likelihood, these services will be provided through third-party services, opening up new business operations within the aviation industry. Essentially these operators will need to provide the types of services that are used in commercial operations to these new vehicle operations, in a safe and cost-conscientious way. Obviously, these operations will be “piloted” initially and may not become widely affordable until more automation or autonomous capabilities are realized and certified in the future. That said, new V&V methodologies to ensure that these future systems can actually operate with increasing levels of autonomy while ensuring aviation safety. This panel will explore the various issues and technical capabilities that will need to be addressed in order to enable AAM services as a routine form of commuting in the future.

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